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About Sarah Jane



 Sarah Jane designs, sculpts and forges each piece with love and magic, making them all one of a kind. Using Bronze Metal Clay as her primary medium, allows her to her infuse and consecrate her pieces with a sacred blend of Frankincense & Myrrh essential oils. Each piece is then fired in a kiln at a very high temperature to complete this amazing Alchemical process. As a Student of the Western Mystery Traditions and Hermetic Philosophies, Sarah is always being guided to include sacred symbols and ideas from her studies into her designs, inviting everyone to “wear their magic.”



Sarah Jane has always been drawn to and inspired by the mystical. She was gifted her first Tarot deck by her very intuitive mother when she was in high school and has been reading and strengthening her connection to the cards and her guides ever since. Her readings are positive and infused with the perfect balance of humor and truths and they always include healthy advice and divine guidance leaving her clients feeling empowered, lighter and enlightened.



Reiki Master Sarah Jane is admittedly obsessed with crystal energies, properties and formations.  She is a Certified Crystal Healer and rock hound , when she isn't digging crystals out of the ground, meditating with them, or talking about them, she is carefully placing these powerful gems on her clients during her signature Reiki Infused Crystal Healings.

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